This team building training should be used in conjunction with my blog post how to earn high level income from zero investment. The sites used for that plan are Ad Rev Split and Crypto Team Build.

To make that earning plan work effectively for you, a system that adds a constant flow of referrals to both sites is required. Today I am providing you with that system.

Step 1 = Set Up Leadsleap Account

As always, the referral system requires an account with Leadsleap.

Click Here To Join Leadsleap if not already on my team there.

Leadsleap is used to set up the automated team building system. Using a capture page and email list is the most effective way to build a team on any site you wish to promote.

Personally I use a different capture page and list for EACH promotion I work on. The capture page for this plan is this one:  and the code to import it is: page-acJVTNRk

If you need the instructions for importing a page into Leadsleap they are provided in blog post: Done For You Affiliate Marketing Lead Capture Page.

Remember to create an email list and connect it to the page as directed in that post as well. Add a link to the earning system blog post after adding that to you blog.

Step 2 = Copy 2 Blog Posts

To set up this system to work for you on autopilot, you need to create a copy of this blog post and this one: How To Earn A Lot of Money Online. Make $98,304 From Zero. When copying this blog post you should update the referral links to your own links. Leave the other blog post links as they are.

To create your own money making blog I recommend you use an account with Global Domains International and set that account up as a blog (instructions are provided below). This $10 account can easily earn you an extra $100 – $1000+ per month just by using it as I suggest. Free blog accounts do not have the right features for monetization of blog posts and are a false economy in my opinion (I teach my team members how to make a lot more money blogging when they use GDI).

Click Here To Register with My Global Domains International Team

Click Here For Instructions For Setting Up Your Blog

Step 3 = Promoting Your Capture Page

The final step for getting a steady flow of referrals on Ad Rev Split and Crypto Team Build is to promote you capture page.

For this I recommend you use Infinity Traffic Boost.

Click Here To Join Infinity Traffic Boost

Click Here For Instructions on Adding Your Capture Page To Infinity Traffic Boost

You can use a free account on Infinity Traffic Boost at first by surfing 100 pages a day. However, I recommend you upgrade there ASAP to reduce your workload and allow the system to work on autopilot for you. You can earn your upgrade funds by surfing daily.

Continuous Earning System

When you have set this system up and have your capture page being promoted on autopilot via Infintity Traffic Boost, you should just leave it in place forever. Set it up once, and it will create a continuous earning system for you. You will earn from Ad Rev Split, Crypto Team Build, Global Domains International and Infinity traffic boost all at the same time.

Aim to increase the number of automated systems you have running all at the same time to reach high level earning. You should only replace an old system if it stops working. I will teach you how to continually add earning systems in my future blog posts. Keep an eye out for my blog post updates – I will email you when I publish new ones.

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