To become an effective team building machine online you need 2 main things. The first thing is high quality traffic, and the second is a steady stream of cashflow to pay for that traffic.

Today I am going to teach you how to get both at the same time by using a very simple, but powerful system.

Infinity Traffic Boost is a truly incredible traffic site, and I highly recommend it to EVERYONE who works online. Not only do I get a LOT of team members from using the advertising on this site, the additional benefits of using it are absolutely huge. If you use it correctly it will help you become a team building machine.

The traffic on this site very high quality, which is great, but you will also get paid a small amount daily just for surfing the ads. This is a vital part to the plan, as these funds will pay your way forward to fully automated traffic. You can actually earn a huge amount of income from this site WHILE ALSO building your traffic levels at the same time.

Working to build income on Infinity Traffic Boost is just the perfect way to create a never ending advertising budget to fuel and create your team building machine. Use it effectively and you can fully automate up to 60 different ad campaigns using top quality advertising.

How To Build Income Levels on Infinity Traffic Boost

Thanks to a very powerful system provided on Infinity Traffic Boost, you can earn up to $64,000 by working on a simple system of duplication. That is in addition to so much high quality traffic you can promote ANYTHING you want effectively.

To consistently build income levels and traffic at the same time, each person who joins it just needs to do THREE things:

  • EITHER surf 100 pages a day, or purchase an upgrade for around $3 and surf 10 pages a day.
  • Work on adding at least FOUR active referrals who surf/upgrade and recruit others too.
  • Work your way up the different traffic levels when you have earned the funds to do so.

$64,000 is a lot of money for anyone, and 60 ad campaigns running with high quality traffic is incredible. It is also VERY achievable if you work consistently and use the system I provide for team building.

This is also a very good option for people who have no funds to get started making money online, and are willing to do the work to progress. Long term success online begins with understanding traffic generation. Learn to do this and you will never fail again!

Today I want to teach you how to work on this goal step by step.

Step 1 – Join Infinity Traffic Boost

Once your active we can all work together to help my ACTIVE team members to gain the 4 referrals required to build this account. I will teach you and your team members how to do the same.


Step 2 – Log in and Surf 100 Pages Per Day (or Upgrade Your Account and Surf 10 Pages A Day)

To surf the pages on Infinity Traffic Boost just log in to your account and in the main menu you will see the SURF PAGES button. It is the one with the blue button or arrow…..

Click that button and the first thing you will see is a captcha to complete:

The captcha system prevents bots and cheaters and helps to keep the site traffic high quality.

After completing the captcha the first ad page will automatically open, and you will see a timer at the top of the page. When the timer finishes, you will see a notification to click on a specific colour box to verify your page view. You need to click on the right colour box for your view to complete.

On the noticiation bar you will also see the number of pages surfed today, the ad credits earned and the total number of ad credits you have available in your account:

If you surf at least 10 pages you will qualify for the daily bonus payment. The more you surf the more you will earn (you get a surf bonus share for every 10 pages viewed). If you want to earn high level income from zero investment you MUST surf 100 pages a day. If you surf less than that you will earn a lot less.

You will earn more daily bonus funds when all of your downline surfs the ads too. Over time your downline will reach a huge number if everyone works on this plan,and so your daily bonus continues to grow with your downline growth.

You WILL NOT reach high level income without team building, but I will teach you how to do this on autopilot.

Note the bonus payment is added to your account at midnight so you will see it the following day in your account.

Step 3 – Earn or Purchase An Upgrade


If you want to become a team building machine without any investment you will need to use surfing bonus payments to pay for your account upgrade. It takes a bit of time to earn your way forward from surfing, but the upgrade is well worth working on.

In addition to the funds and traffic earned, using this account to surf 100 pages a day, will make team building a lot easier for you. You WILL be able to upgrade with funds earned, and that will move you to using fully automated traffic too.

EVERYONE should work on moving up the upgrade levels on this account, but that has a financial cost. Don’t worry, this cost will be fully covered in advance as you progress with using my system.

Note that earning starts off slowly when you are surfing alone. This is really hard work, and it is VITAL that you also work on getting at least FOUR active referrals. My system of team building will help each person to achieve this goal.

The referrals that you add need to surf daily, purchase the upgrade when they can, AND work on team building too. My system will also guide your referrals that they need to do this, AND teach them how.


When you have the funds available to do so, you can purchase an upgrade of your choice. The first level upgrade costs just around $3 and allows you to have 2 active and fully automated ad campaigns running together. The higher level you purchase the more automated ad campaigns and credits you will have available.

To purchase your upgrade simply click on the BUY TPO’s button:

On that page scroll down until you see the advertising credits order form (as shown below). Click the select option for the package you wish to purchase and follow the instructions to make the payment. There are different payment options available. Note that it is cheaper to use the ITB funds option to purchase upgrades.

Step 5 – Build Your Downline (To Infinity)

I will explain how to work on the extremely important team building part of this plan in my next blog post…. when you work on this effectively your downline will never stop growing (and neither will your income levels).

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