Well thank you for arriving on my blog and your here because you want to make money online and build an income, and that’s great and I am happy to pass on what I am currently using and working on to build income…….

So these are my daily tasks:-

  1. Go on Neobux (my favourite PTC site) and click the 6-10ads, trust me this is a great site and have several guides on my blog for strategies to build income join me on Neobux
  2. My next site is CashHustlers which is a great site that has ads to click, an Adwall you can also earn from and you get couple of free spins too where you can win points, cash to your balance or direct referrals. On average I am clicking around 20 ads a day which really starts to lift you ptc daily earnings, join me on this site CashHustlers
  3. Next site, Crowdclicks another good ptc site which has around 15 ads to click daily, join me on Crowdclicks
  4. AdsRevsplit is my next site, another good site for PTC ads to click and earn, also has a downline builder so you can put in your links and other people can join programs through your links. Join me on AdsRevSplit
  5. My 5th main site is Ads.UPD another good site with lots of ads to click to start building that income, join me on Ads.UPD.

Once I have completed my 5 PTC sites, then I move onto traffic programs as we want people visiting our referral links and joining our programs.

There are 5 main sites I would recommend and these are the ones I use, Leadsleap, Infinity Traffic Boost, TrafficAdBar, CashPop and Hungry for Hits. These are sites were going to use to bring traffic and also you can earn on many of these sites, I try to complete surfing 100 pages on Infinity Traffic Boost and Leadsleap daily.

Then time permitting always try to hit minimum of surfing 50 pages on the other sites, this is my daily plan and if you put this into action you’ll start to see your PTC income grow which you can then use to invest into other programs mentioned in my other blogs to build your online income.

Feel free to post any comments below if you need any help.

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